T11 Profile™

T11 Profile™は、秀逸なパフォーマンスと幅広い応用力の両方を提供します!


バーチャル制御されるCCT(2,700K ~ 8,000K)、白色校正、疑似タングステンによって正確に色味をコントロールできます。
また、T11 Profile™の高度なTLCI、TM30-18等級、演色性の高いCRI95によって肌のトーンを完璧に補正します。

T11 Profile™のフロントレンズ・システムは別の種類に変更できますので、新たに灯体を購入することなく、フレネル、またはPCとして使用することが可能です。
1台3役を可能にするT11 Profile™です!





T11 Fresnel™
T11 PC™
T11 Profile MFS™




◦Light source type: MSL-TE™ 350W LED Engine
◦LED life expectancy: min. 40.000 hours
◦Colour rendition: CRI 95+
◦Typical lumen maintenance: L70/B50 @ 40.000 hours

Optical system


◦Robe’s proprietary optical design
◦Profile zoom lens system
◦High-efficiency manual zoom: High definition optics: ratio 10:1, zoom range 5°- 50°
◦Fixture total lumen output: 9.500 lm
◦Optional PC and Fresnel zoom lens systems

Main features


◦Colour mixing: CMY/RGB or RGBAL
◦White light: Variable CCT 2.700K – 8.000K
◦DataSwatch™ filters: pre-programmed 237 colours and tones including most used whites 2.700K, 3.200K, 4.200K, 5.600K
◦Tungsten lamp effect: 750W, 1.000W, 1.200W, 2.000W, 2.500W lamp emulation for whites from 2.700K to 4200K (red shift and thermal delay)
◦±Green correction function
◦Adjustable CRI: from 80 to 90+
◦Manual framing shutters: framing shutters module with 4 individually positionable blades
◦Optional drop-in gobo module: motorised iris, 2 rotating and 3 static gobos
◦MagFrost™ – magnetic paddle fast change system providing exchangeable frost containing as standard a light 1° for instant softening of the framing shutters or projected gobo
◦Manual zoom and focus
◦Electronic strobe effect with variable speed up to 20 Hz, pre-programmed random strobe & pulse effects
◦High resolution electronic dimming: 0 – 100%
◦L3™ – (Low Light Linearity) Imperceptible 18 bit dimming for ultra smooth fade to black
◦Dimmer profile selection: Linear, Square law
◦Cpulse™ special flicker-free management for HD and UHD cameras, ready for 8K and 16K
◦Extremely quiet operation suitable for all types of production in Theatre and TV

Control and programming


◦Setting & Addressing: two-row LCD display & 4 control buttons
     ・USITT DMX-512, RDM
     ・ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN – on request
◦REAP™ – Robe Ethernet Access Portal
◦Wireless CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio – on request
◦Epass™: Ethernet pass through switch which sustains Ethernet integrity, when the fixture has no power, to automatically maintain network connectivity – on request
◦DMX Protocol modes: 8
◦Control channels: 18, 9, 22, 6, 1, 24, 13, 28
◦Variable CCT: 8 bit
◦±Green correction: 8 bit
◦Colour mixing: 8 or 16 bit (internal 18 bit)
◦Gobo indexing & rotation: 8 or 16 bit
◦Iris: 8 or 16 bit
◦Dimmer: 8 or 16 bit (internal 18 bit)

Rotating gobos


◦2x rotating glass gobos: (with optional drop-in gobo module)
◦Outside diameter: 26.8 mm
◦Image diameter: 23.5 mm
◦Thickness: 1.1 mm
◦Max. thickness: 4.0 mm
◦High temperature borofloat or better glass
◦Slot & lock system for easy replacement of gobo

Static gobos


◦1x static glass gobo: (3x with optional drop-in gobo module)
◦Outside diameter: 26.8 mm
◦Image diameter: 23.5 mm
◦Thickness: 1.1 mm
◦Max. thickness: 4.0 mm
◦High temperature borofloat or better glass
◦Gobo holder R size: slot & lock system for easy replacement of gobos

Thermal specification


◦Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C (113 °F)
◦Maximum surface temperature: 90 °C (194 °F)
◦Minimum operating temperature: -5 °C (23 °F)

Electrical specification and connections


◦Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
◦Input voltage range: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
◦Power consumption: Max. 420 W
◦Power connector in/out: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 in/out
◦DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 5-pin XLR
◦Ethernet port in/out: RJ45 for Embedded Epass™ switch 10/100 Mbps – on request



◦CE Compliant
◦cETLus Compliant

Mechanical specification


◦Height: 493 mm (19.4″)
◦Width: 385 mm (15.15″)
◦Depth: 653 mm (25.7″)
     ・15.7 kg (34.6 lbs)
     ・16.9 kg (37.3 lbs) with optional drop-in gobo module
◦Ingress protection rating: IP20



◦Mounting horizontally or vertically via mounting yoke
◦Mounting points: M12 bolt
◦Safety cable attachment point

Included items


◦User Manual
◦Gel frame adaptor
◦Gobo Holder R size with gobo: 10980655

Optional accessories


◦Doughty Trigger Clamp
◦Wireless DMX external module: 10980127
◦Safety wire 36 kg: 99011963
◦T11 Fresnel lens module: 10980644
◦T11 PC lens module: 10980645
◦Pole operated yoke: 10980667
◦Robin T11 MFS handles: 10980717
◦Drop-in manual Iris: 10980677
◦Frost 0.5° (exchange) assembled: 10980583
◦Frost 3.5° (exchange) assembled: 10980668
◦Frost 10° (exchange) assembled: 10980497
◦Frost 20° (exchange) assembled: 10980574
◦Frost 30° (exchange) assembled: 10980584
◦Drop-in gobo and iris module: 10980649
◦Hot-spot lens: 10980666
◦Gel frame: 10980372
◦Barndoor module: 10980349
◦Top Hat 50° T11/TX1 black: 10980768
◦Top Hat 30° T11 black: 10980701
◦Half Top Hat 30° T11 black: 10980764
◦T11 SoftBox Adaptor: 10980751
◦T11 Cyc/Flood Light Module: 10980769
◦Mains Cable powerCON TRUE1 In/Schuko, 2m, Indoor: 13052405
◦Mains Cable powerCON TRUE1 In/US, 2m, Indoor: 13052406
◦Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, EU, 2m, Indoor: 13052439
◦Mains Cable powerCON TRUE1 In/CEE 16A, 2m, Indoor: 13052445
◦Mains Cable powerCON TRUE1 In/Open ended, 2m, Indoor: 13052407
◦Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, US, 2m, Indoor: 13052440
◦Daisy Chain powerCON TRUE1 In/Out, EU, 5m, Indoor: 13052444
◦Single Top Loader Case: 10120279
◦Single Top Loader Trolley case: 10120281
◦Dual Top Loader Case: 10120282
◦Foam Shell: 20020425